Internet governance

Internet governance needs to develop ambitions

30 Apr 2015

"The legal systems in both the United States and in the European Union member states are simply not cut out for citizen-driven, peer-to-peer communication," argues Swedish Pirate Party member Amelia Anderdotter.

Cyber security

Assessing Europe’s cyber challenges

26 Jan 2015

Is Europe today ready to combat existing and emerging cyber threats? United Nations researcher Francesca Bosco points at weak spots, both law making and enforcement.

As negotiations progress over the EU-US free-trade agreement TTIP, it is natural that somebody will propose addressing privacy differences through trade. But several features of free trade agreements make negotiating data protection in the trade regime a very bad idea for the EU.

In the past 12 months privacy and data protection took a much more prominent role in internet policy discussions. One of the key examples is the so-called Google Spain case . Researcher Jef Ausloos revisits the case at the European privacy conference CPDP .