News on Governance

Marianne Franklin is Professor of Global Media & Politics, convenor of the MA in Global Media and Transnational Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London. We interviewed her in advance of the five year anniversary celebration of our journal. Internet Policy Review: Marianne, you have been following the work of Internet Policy Review

Data retention

Data retention: flogging a dead horse

02 Mar 2017

The German Federal Government is holding on to the German national law on data retention passed in 2015. In this op-ed, Volker Tripp of Digitale Gesellschaft argues that this attitude is untenable.


Multilevel constitutionalism and e-democracy

04 May 2016

As a scholar of constitutional law, of European and international law, having along the way gathered some knowledge of the workings of the internet, I am happy to present some perhaps somewhat revolutionary thoughts about governing in the future. The issue I was asked to deal with was: Governing the 21st century. Here are my thoughts about it. 1